Windows 10 Tips and Tricks – You Need to Know for 2021

As Microsoft has ended the support for Windows 7, people are moving towards Windows 10. This operating system is a complex piece of software; it comes with a bunch of features. So, knowing little tips can make your desktop experience beneficial.

Are you thinking about tracking your apps using Windows 10?

You can see a list of running apps on your computer from the Start menu in alphabetical order. System enlists the frequently used apps on the top of the list. You can also open your desired app by scrolling down.

Are you going to record your screen activity for later use?

There is no need for a third-party tool for screen recording purposes. You can record your work for sharing with your colleagues using Windows 10. Press the Windows key and the letter G, from your keyboard simultaneously. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to record your screen.

8 Tips and Tricks you should try for Windows 10 Desktop today!!

1. Use malware removal:

You can set up the Windows Defender tool to block malware attacks. It is a built-in security feature. While setting up this tool, make sure real-time protection is enabled.

2. Speed up your PC using the Disk Cleanup utility:

This feature allows you to delete all the temporary files that are slowing down your system. It also ensures that your recycle bin has cleared out.

3. Share files using Windows 10 network feature:

You can create a HomeGroup for sending and receiving files with your family members at your home. Rather than sharing files by email, you can set up a private network at home using this option.

4. Change the size of your desktop icons quickly:

Scrolling your mouse while pressing the Ctrl key from your keyboard can be fun. Moving your cursor in one direction will maximize the size of desktop icons. Releasing the ctrl key will leave the desktop icons in that size. If you move your cursor in another direction (along with the ctrl key) the desktop icons will get tiny.

5. Virtual desktops are also available:

Windows 10 Task View feature allows you multitasking by separating your work apps and personal apps into different desktops. It helps in managing multiple projects at once.  

6. Create an invisible folder:

Changing the folder icon color and making it completely transparent is a little fun. This trick results in an invisible folder on your desktop.

7. Start dictating rather than typing:

You can save valuable time by using Windows 10 speech recognition feature. It dictates your speech into the current text field and prevents you from typing lengthy emails, messages, etc.

8. Use cloud clipboard:

By pressing the Windows key and the letter V, you can enable the cloud clipboard to copy and paste text, images, links seamlessly. You can share the information on the cloud clipboard across multiple devices that have signed in using the same Microsoft account.

Final Thoughts:

Make sure you have installed the latest available updates on your PC. So, you can avail the latest applications, settings, and customization options using Windows 10.

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