What is the most expensive part of a laptop to repair? 

Within a laptop, several components can be expensive to repair or replace. Among these, the motherboard typically stands out as the costliest. It’s the central circuit board housing the CPU, RAM, GPU, and other essential components. Damage or malfunction here often means a significant repair bill. Factors making it expensive include: 

  • Complexity: The motherboard is intricate, with multiple connections and components. A fault in one part might necessitate replacing the entire board. 
  • Brand Specific: Motherboards are tailored to specific models, making generic replacements impossible. 
  • Labor Costs: Diagnosing and replacing a motherboard is labour-intensive, adding to the cost. 
  • Associated Parts: Often, when a motherboard fails, other parts might also need replacement. 

While other components like high-end GPUs or OLED screens can also be costly to replace, motherboards usually top the list due to their centrality and complexity.

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