The cost of computer security can vary significantly based on the chosen solutions, coverage, and the provider. Here’s a general breakdown of potential costs: 

  • Antivirus Software: Free versions are available, but premium versions with added features can range from £20 to £60 per year for a single device. 
  • Internet Security Suites: These are comprehensive packages that might include a firewall, parental controls, VPN, and more. They typically cost between £40 to £100 annually for a single device. 
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN): Standalone VPN services, which encrypt your internet connection, can range from £5 to £12 per month. 
  • Password Managers: These tools help store and generate secure passwords. Costs can be around £20 to £50 annually. 
  • Hardware Firewall: A one-time purchase for those who want a physical device to manage network traffic, ranging from £50 to £500 or more based on sophistication. 
  • Data Backup Solutions: Cloud-based backup services can range from £3 to £10 per month for personal use. 

While these costs can accumulate, remember that the investment in robust security can prevent potentially more expensive breaches or data losses.

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