Why is it essential to use Antivirus Software on your PC and Smartphone?

Viruses and other evolving cyber threats intend to damage your devices and the high-value data stored in them. A computer virus replicates itself and spreads from host to host.

Today, many types of viruses are common like; resident, file infector, boot sector, direct action, polymorphic, and multipartite. Antivirus software has written to fight against these viruses.

Thinking about a Computer Virus and an Antivirus Software?

Just like human viruses, computer viruses cause an illness of the computer. These are unwanted programs that enter the system without the user's knowledge and perform malicious actions.

An antivirus is protection software that prevents your device (Laptop, PC, tablets, and Smartphone) from viruses. It works against the virus; detects and removes it from the system; keeps your device healthy.

Why do you need Antivirus Software?

Viruses slow down your system, damage your data files and delete them from your device. To prevent data loss and protect your children, ensure that you have installed a good protection tool on your digital devices.

How does Antivirus Software work?

The companies publish a list of known viruses regularly. If you have set up your software to update it automatically, it will contain the definition for all known viruses published by the company. When a program tries to enter or execute at your machine, the antivirus tool scans and examines it.

If there is a match with the list of viruses, it will be marked as blocked. This signature-based method works well with an updated version of protection software. Some antivirus software determines the viruses by making judgments about what is a program does. This behavior-based method might not work in some situations!!

Key advantages of using Antivirus Software:

  • There is a defense against hackers and data thieves.
  • It blocks spam and ads.
  • There is protection from viruses and their transmission.
  • It also scans and examines removable media and ensures protection.
  • It secures your data and files stored on your PC and smartphone.
  • It supercharges your computer.
  • There is firewall protection from phishing attacks and spyware.
  • Your passwords remain protected.
  • It allows you to scan the dark web to find the stolen email address.

There are three types of Antivirus Software:

  1. Windows:

  2. This category is compatible with Windows-based computers, laptops, and smartphones.

  3. macOS:

  4. This category of protection software is compatible with Macintosh operating system.

  5. Android:

  6. This category has designed to use with the world's most popular operating system. Some versions of protection software perform an automatic scan and examine the web pages/files before opening or downloading.

Top 11 Antivirus Software for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS in 2021:

  • Norton 360 is best for Windows and Android.
  • McAfee Total Protection is best for Online Security with the best iOS Antivirus App.
  • Intego is best for Mac OS.
  • F-Secure SAFE is the best protection for Windows OS.
  • Bitdefender Total Security is the Most Comprehensive Internet Security Suite.
  • TotalAV is the Easiest Software to Use.
  • Avira Prime is an Excellent Scanner and System Optimization.
  • BullGuard is the best for High-Powered Protection and Gamers.
  • Panda Dome is best for Flexible Pricing.
  • Kaspersky Internet Security is best for Online Shopping and Banking.
  • Trend Micro is best for Phishing Protection.

Final Thoughts:

Windows OS has a built-in protection tool called Windows Defender. But, it does not detect cyber threats beyond traditional viruses. Using antivirus software combined with security features is cost-effective.

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