Why is 24/7 Customer Support essential for a Business Today?

Excellent customer support is crucial for companies to represent themselves as a customer-centric organization. It doesn’t matter whether your business is big or small; having a support desk shows loyalty and retention towards your clients.

What is good Customer Support?

It involves a real-time interaction of customers with support agents to find the answers to queries.

Top 3 reasons – A business needs to offer constant Customer Support:

  • Customers demand to have constant accessibility.
  • Customers don’t like to wait for troubleshooting.
  • 24/7 support indicates high responsiveness.

Benefits of having quality Customer Support:

1. Creates endorsements:

It results in good online reviews that strengthen the business.

2. Retains customers:

It helps to retain the existing customers as well as attracting newer ones. When a brand becomes trustworthy, people like to make purchases happily.

3. Prevents business failure:

If a company does not address the problems, the buyers become frustrated.

As a result, businesses have to close their doors without any long-term success.

4. Employee turnover reduces:

When a business appreciates its workers for their contributions, employees become more engaged in their work. They want to stick with the company and become advocates for the business.

5. Provides value:

Good customer support helps to engage the clients with business and build a strong relationship with them.

Top 5 skills for people in the Customer Support team:

  • Knowledge of the product/service offered by the company.
  • A support agent must be empathic.
  • Focus on a customer query.
  • A support agent needs to have patience and flexibility.
  • Excellent language skills.

Tips to make your company’s Customer Support experience brilliant!!

  • The whole company has to contribute.
  • Hear your customers out.
  • Offer solutions, not reactions.
  • Use technology.
  • Do not script your answers.
  • Keep the details handy.
  • Inform customers about the future course of action.
  • Make it the ‘wow’ moment.
  • Deliver on promises.
  • Learn from experience.

When does your business need to offer constant Support for its Customers?

  • When your products use round the clock.
  • When your products are offering internationally.
  • When you deal with sensitive products/services.

Types of communication channels offered by the companies for Support of their Customers:

1. Walk-in service departments:

This kind of support is a handful for businesses in the consumer goods industry and who sell their goods online.

2. Phone and email support:

It is a handful for a B2B business that does not require an urgent response. Still, maintaining a good first response time is needed.

3. Support via live chat:

This approach is a must if you are running an online business and want to stay closer to your customers.

4. Self-service content:

It is a handful for businesses that get common service requests like billing and exchange requests etc. The content in the form of FAQs, articles, videos, and chatbots empowers the customers to find solutions to problems themselves.

5. Communities and forms:

This category of customer support requires no staff. Active community members

and moderators participate in solving the queries of business clients.

Final Thoughts:

Customers feel connected to the brand when they realize: the company is caring for them, understanding them, being like them, and being made them feel special. Good customer support increases customers’ satisfaction, business sales, and reputation.

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