Which Antivirus Software version is Better to use – Free or Paid?

An antivirus solution is a must, especially if you are looking for protection against the latest cybersecurity threats. Investing in virus protection like F-Secure unlocks powerful features that keep you safe from online scams. Although free security suits are also available, going with a premium package will be a safe game!!

Should you pay Extra for System tune-up and family controls Features of Antivirus Software?

Free versions of an antivirus tool commonly offer a System tune-up feature. In extreme circumstances, this functionality helps find junk files on your PC. You can use the Storage Settings tool as an alternative. There is no need to pay an extra amount to unlock this feature.

The family controls feature is valuable, especially for parents. You can limit screen-time, block access to unwanted apps, and track the real-time location of devices within your family. F-Secure company is offering an antivirus suite with a family controls option. If you are in need, you should pay for this feature.

Free Antivirus Software version offers limited functionalities like:

  • Malware protection
  • Anti-phishing
  • Pop-ups with a temptation to buy a paid version
  • Minimal help and support
  • Simple interfaces with limited options

Paid Antivirus Software version offers additional and powerful functionalities like:

1. Password manager:

This feature allows you to manage the passwords of your online accounts effectively.

2. Parental controls:

Using this feature, you can monitor the devices of your family members. It is beneficial in case of emergencies where you can track the real-time locations of your child’s device.

3. Safe banking:

There is no need to pay extra for this feature as most financial institutions ensure that their web pages are secure. The latest versions of Internet browsers also have the required security for a safe banking experience.

4. Anti-ransomware:

A good protection software blocks ransomware before it locks the files on your computer. An anti-ransomware feature is needed if your protection tool fails in the first hurdle and allows ransomware to run.

5. Anti-phishing:

This premium feature prevents phishing attacks, blocks suspicious web addresses, pop-up messages intended to steal your high-value data. The latest versions of the Internet browsers also have built-in phishing protection to some extent.

Which one to choose: Free or Paid version of Antivirus Software? 

It depends on the following three factors:

  • The budget you have.
  • Features offered by the software product,
  • Customer Support by the company.

Is it worth paying extra for the Wi-Fi scanning feature of an Antivirus Software?

If you have several digital devices like smartphones, tablets, and PCs, you can scan all of them on a network to find security flaws using this feature.

Free online tools offered by The Best Protection Tool: F- Secure

  • Online scanner
  • Route checker
  • IP checker
  • Data Discovery Helper
  • Digital Life Test
  • Identity Theft checker

Wrapping Up:

The companies offer excellent support via phone calls, instant messages, or email to their premium customers. Paid versions also have an additional layer of security to the latest malware threats. However, free versions of antivirus software lack technical support by the company.

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