What Should a Disaster Recovery Plan Include?

A disaster recovery plan is a strategy that organisations make to tackle various incidents like attacks on data, systems, or organisations’ apps. There could be several reasons for data loss, including hardware failure, human error, hacking, malware and a few more.

If data of any organisation gets corrupted due to any reason, it can make a loss of massive data and secret information

Therefore, to tackle this issue, all the organisations make backup or disaster recovery plans in case of an unfortunate incident. Each disaster recovery plan aims to overcome all the data disasters and restore everyday operations.

A disaster recovery plan includes all the procedures and tools that every organisation can use to recover its IT assets. Well, the organisations choose recovery plans based on their goals and assets.

The recovery plans can vary depending on several factors, but each disaster recovery always includes the following goals:

  1. Prevention
  2. Backup plans
  3. Detection of the new threats
  4. Getting insurance policies
  5. Minimise the risk using different techniques
  6. Resume the operations of the organisation as quickly as possible in case of any incident
  7. Training of concerned staff or people

Types Of Disaster Recovery Plan

The following are the major types of a recovery plan:

1. Cloud Disaster Recovery Plan

The cloud recovery plan can range from a single file backup to the complete replication of the data using the cloud platform.

Undoubtedly, it is an efficient and cost-effective process, but this recovery plan’s maintenance can be problematic for users. That’s why organisations need to hire the professional for this type of recovery plan.

2. Virtualized Disaster Recovery Plan

Through this type of recovery plan, organisations can implement their recovery plans more efficiently. In this type of recovery plan, one can copy the entire computing environment, including server, OS, data, storage space, apps, and software etc.

These virtual machines can be placed and operated from anywhere and restore the data quickly in any mishap.

3. Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan

Through this recovery plan, one tries to focus on the data centre facility along with the infrastructure. The operational risk assessment is the key feature of this recovery plan.

What Should Be Included Include In Disaster Recovery Plan?

Each disaster recovery plan includes the following features:

  • IT Inventory

The updated IT inventory always provide the required information regarding all the software and hardware assets of a company. Moreover, one can also get to know about the cloud services of the company through IT inventory.

  • Disaster Recovery Procedures

This type of procedures is entirely different from the other regular backup plans. It is a complete set of emergency responses, including the mitigation procedures, mitigation of cybersecurity threats, and last-minute backups.

  • Backup Procedures

The recovery plan should demonstrate the procedures of how and where the resources are stored and recovered.

  • Set Recovery Time Objective

It is essential to define the time when you want to restore all the files. Moreover, it is equally important to specify the ages of the files which you want to restore.

Services Offered By Fortify

Currently, every organisation or company is facing a disaster, which could be due to human interference or several other reasons. But you can keep your data protected through a fool proof disaster recovery plan.

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  3. Detection of the threats
  4. Response to the problem just according to the nature of the issue
  5. Recovery of the data
  6. Computer maintenance

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A disaster recovery plan is the most important thing for every organisation to appropriately identify the risk factors. Moreover, the backup plans and determination of the critical applications are also a part of a disaster recovery plan.

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