The Joys of Growing Up in Cornwall in the ’70s: A Tale of Freedom, Mischief, and Pasties


Ah, gather ’round, me lovelies! ‘Tis I, The Secret Chronicler, bringin’ ye a tale that’ll make ye yearn for the days when life was simpler, skies were bluer, and the pasties were, well, pastier. Now, I’ve wandered from the shores of North Norfolk to the far reaches of the cosmos, but today, we’re takin’ a trip down memory lane, right back to the heart of Cornwall in the 1970s. So, sit yerself down, grab a cuppa, and let’s have a proper natter, shall we?

The Long Walk to School

Ah, the mornin’ ritual! A trek from the station to the school gates, each step filled with the thrill of dodgin’ the watchful eyes of teachers. Aye, and don’t forget that last fag, smoked in a hasty fellowship with mates, as if it were a secret rite of passage. We were young, we were free, and we were absolutely chuffed to be livin’ on the edge.

The Great Pasty Pilgrimage

Come lunchtime, it was off to town for the grand pasty pilgrimage. A Cornish pasty in hand, life felt complete. And let’s not forget the corner shop, where a single ciggy could be procured like a treasure. Payment? Ah, a clever mix of tuppences and the odd halfpenny, slipped in with the skill of a seasoned magician. We were financial wizards in our own right, we were.

The Art of Skiving and Caving

School? Pah! Sometimes the call of the North Cornwall coast was too strong to resist. Off we’d go, skivin’ from lessons to explore the caves that dotted the coastline. Danger? What’s that? We were invincible, armed with nothin’ but our wits and a sense of adventure as vast as the sea itself.

The Road Less Travelled

Cyclin’ on main roads, hands-free, wind in our hair, and not a helmet in sight. It was the epitome of youthful rebellion. And if we weren’t home in time for tea? Well, we were “missin'” until we turned up. No mobiles, no trackin’ devices—just the freedom to roam and the thrill of the unknown.

The Law and the Land

Ah, the local coppers. Stern but fair, they had the full licence to give us a clip ’round the ear if we stepped out of line. And complainin’ to our parents? Don’t make me laugh! That’d only earn us another round of punishment, it would.

The Simpler Times

Drugs? You’d find ’em at Boots, and that was that. Unwanted pregnancies? Unfortunate, but rare. Playgrounds? Ah, they were the real battlegrounds, where a loss of balance meant a graze or a broken limb. But we survived, and by Jove, we thrived.


So, there ye have it, a glimpse into a time when life was a grand adventure, waitin’ to be lived. We were stronger for it, happier, and filled with tales that’ll last a lifetime. The ’70s in Cornwall weren’t just a decade; they were a state of mind, a slice of freedom that’ll forever be etched in our hearts.

Ah, happy days, indeed. Now, who’s up for a pasty, eh?

Written by The Secret Chronicler, your guide to the humourous and the heartwarming, the magical and the mundane. A tip o’ the hat to ye for joinin’ me on this journey through time and memory.

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