The Beeston Bump’s Bouncing Bunyip

Now, I’m sure y’all have heared tales of the Beeston Bump, that ‘ole hill near Sheringham. But I’m willing to bet me last biscuit you ain’t heared the tale of the bouncing Bunyip that calls that ‘ill ‘ome.

‘Twas a chilly mornin’, with the North Norfolk winds ruffling the sea oats, as young Eddie decided to climb the Bump, determined to catch a glimpse of the sea from atop. Now Eddie, bless ‘im, wasn’t the most observant fella in Norfolk, but even he noticed the strange footprints leading up the hill.

Halfway up, he stumbled upon a sight more bizarre than Aunt Mabel’s attempt at modern dancin’: a Bunyip, bouncing up and down with glee, surrounded by a cloud of Norfolk butterflies. Now for those of you unfamiliar with the Bunyip, it’s an ol’ Australian legend – a creature from the billabongs and swamps. What it was doin’ in Norfolk was anybody’s guess. Maybe it fancied a holiday?

Now, instead of scarpering away like most of us would do, Eddie, fuelled by a blend of curiosity and perhaps a bit too much of Uncle Geoff’s homemade cider from the night before, decided to approach the creature.

“Oi! What you doin’ here then?” Eddie chirped, trying his best to sound casual and not completely and utterly flabbergasted.

The Bunyip, stopping its bouncing for a mere moment, turned its gaze to Eddie. “I heard tell of this here Bump and thought to meself, ‘What a great place for a bounce!’ So here I am.”

Well, to cut a long yarn short, Eddie and the Bunyip spent the better part of the day bouncing around Beeston Bump, laughing and sharing stories. The Bunyip spoke of the vast Australian landscapes and its longing for a new view. Eddie spoke of Norfolk, its charm, and the sheer magic in the air (and in Uncle Geoff’s cider).

By sunset, with the pink and orange hues painting the sky, the two sat, a boy and his bouncing Bunyip, forever linked by a whimsical encounter atop a Norfolk hill.

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