Staff Training Can Help Protect Your Business

Just as we expect all staff to know the importance of locking doors and questioning the identity of visitors, so should every employee have a basic understanding of cybersecurity. Staff training in matters of IT has become a matter of importance.

An Unfriendly Game of Tag

We’re all on a steep learning curve. Technology – and the guys who are developing it – are racing ahead at mind-blowing speed, and we’re puffing along behind. Sometimes it seems like we’re a long, long way behind, and at other times we feel tantalizingly close to getting it.

Up ahead of us, running neck-and-neck with the boffins, are the hackers – a band of intellectual criminals, lurking in the shadows of the world wide web. As cybersecurity measures are stepped up to meet the threats presented by these thieves, vandals, and abusers, so the criminals devise genius methods of breaking through defences. The boffins retaliate by creating stronger, more sophisticated software, and the hackers come back with more … and so it goes on.

Protect Your Small Business with multi-factor authentication

More than half of all malware-attack victims are small or medium businesses (fewer than 250 employees). The reason for this is that larger organisations are generally better protected – not that small businesses are more frequently targeted.

Cybersecurity protection is about more than just the software packages that you install on your devices. Really effective security is made up of many layers, including a disciplined management system.

There are certain policies that a manager should implement for added security of data and IT systems.

Staff training is a biggie. The workforce is a rich mix of skilled, intelligent, honest individuals, who excel in their own fields. Many might not be quite so savvy when it comes to IT.

All employees must understand the importance of passwords and why they’re used. And it’s vital that employees learn about phishing scams and how to identify potential attacks. A huge 92% of malware is delivered by email. 

Training staff is one thing. Ensuring compliance is another. Data security needs to be very much a part of a business’s rules and regulations and specified in job descriptions – even if the job title is second violin, pastry sous chef, or sky-dive instructor.

Multi-Factor Authorisation (MFA) and role-based access control (RBAC) go a long way towards excluding unauthorised users.

Cybersecurity Service Provider

Using a cybersecurity provider like Fortify247 is more economical than you might think. We’ll tailor our service to your needs, wasting no time or money on what you don’t want, but ensuring that every part of your IT system is protected, monitored, and kept updated. Because of the all-inclusive price, which covers you for any service within the agreement, your costs will be consistent and predictable.

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