St. Ives Seventies: An Eccentric Coming-of-Age Story


In the picturesque seaside town of St. Ives, nestled amidst the rugged cliffs and golden beaches of Cornwall, a peculiar tale unfolds. It’s the 1970s, a time of flared trousers, psychedelic music, and an air of rebellion. Amidst this backdrop, we meet Clive, a teenager with an insatiable curiosity and an uncanny ability to find trouble, or perhaps, it’s trouble that has a knack for finding Clive.

Chapter One: The Enigmatic Town

St. Ives is no ordinary town. With its cobbled streets, enigmatic locals, and an air thick with the scent of the sea mixed with an inexplicable magic, it’s a place where the ordinary mingles freely with the extraordinary(1). Clive, with tousled hair and eyes as wide as the ocean, is on the cusp of adulthood, teetering between the world of childhood fantasies and the sobering realities of grown-up life.

Chapter Two: The Secret Chronicler

One fateful day, Clive stumbles upon an enigmatic figure known only as “The Secret Chronicler”. A keeper of the town’s most guarded secrets and untold tales, the Chronicler sees the spark of the extraordinary in Clive. Thus begins an unconventional mentorship, where the lines between reality and fantasy, truth and fiction, are not just blurred but are woven into a mesmerising tapestry of tales.

Chapter Three: A Journey of Discovery

Under the tutelage of the Secret Chronicler, Clive is ushered into a world where the streets of St. Ives are not just pathways but portals to untold adventures. Every corner, every turn, holds a story, a mystery, a lesson. The town transforms into a living narrative, where the past, present, and future converge, and the laws of time and space are mere suggestions.

Chapter Four: The ImagiVue Lens

Armed with the ImagiVue: Dream Dimension Lens, a gift from the Chronicler, Clives perception of the world is forever altered. Every image captured is a gateway to parallel worlds, where the mundane is mythical, and the ordinary is otherworldly.


“St. Ives Seventies: An Eccentric Coming-of-Age Story” is not just a narrative but an experience. It invites readers to wander the enigmatic streets of St. Ives, to see the world through the mystical ImagiVue lens, and to embrace the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Every image captured through the ImagiVue: Dream Dimension Lens is a testament to the ethereal beauty and enigmatic charm of St. Ives, a town where reality and fantasy are intertwined, offering a glimpse into a world where every moment is a story waiting to be told.

(1) Historical accounts and local folklore, St. Ives Museum,

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