Six advanced Presentation Tools to grab your audience in 2021

PowerPoint is one of the prior tools for presentation; it allows template customization for tech and non-tech persons. This tool offers bullet point style and has limited designing capabilities. Your presentations may lack the impact you desire. So, if you are looking for an alternative, this article is for you!!

Thinking about a Presentation Tool?

It is an application program allowing to present information to an audience in an attractive manner. It can be a desktop or a cloud application. It lets you engage your audience and grab attention using a sequence of multimedia formats.

Top Features of a Good Presentation Tool:

  • Good software has plenty of training resources available and an easy-to-use interface.
  • It should have collaboration and sharing features. So, you can work with your team on a group task.
  • It should be accessible remotely. So, you will access your project from anywhere using an Internet browser.
  • It should support popular file formats like mp3, mp4, etc. It should have import and export features.
  • An attractive slideshow is impossible without using multimedia files like video and images. You can go with a tool having good audio and video capabilities.
  • The company must have good customer support or video guidelines. If you face some trouble while creating your slideshow, tech support will help you.

6 Best Presentation Tools available in the market today:

1. Prezi:

It is an interactive tool that allows you to work with different elements on a canvas. More than ten people can work on a Prezi project at the same time. It is a drag and drop tool. Its frame and zoom feature helps in creating engaging presentations.

2. Vyond:

This tool is famous for its powerful animation feature. It allows you to create an animated story of your content rather than slides. This platform has a shareability feature; many people can edit videos simultaneously.

3. CustomShow:

This enterprise software allows marketing teams to create a professional presentation about your brand. CustomeShow has an extensive range of editing tools. It also offers built-in templates.

4. Visme:

This visual software offers hundreds of icons and photos for creating stunning presentations about your work. It is more flexible for template customization; it allows you to rearrange the elements making them more engaging. Visme is an available free tool. You can use this tool online via an Internet browser.

5. Google Slides (G Slides):

You can create presentations similar to PowerPoint using G Slides. The advantage is its online availability that gives you collaboration in real-time. Google Slides tool is available for free; you can use templates for creating your slideshow. Team members can access and work on a project simultaneously.

6. Zoho Show:

This tool has a simple interface as compared to PowerPoint. Zoho Show is best for a small team. People with little designing experience can use this tool as well. It offers a wide range of transition effects and animations. It comes with prebuilt themes that help in creating slideshows. Multiple people can access and edit presentations at once.

Wrapping Up:

While choosing software, considering your future business needs is a good practice. You can start with the free version if you are running a small business. As your business grows, you can avail the premium features of your presentation tool.

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