Our Approach to Security & Prevention

At Fortify247, we believe that data – one of your business’s most valuable assets – should receive the same protection that’s given to material assets and resources.
When it comes to breaking and entering into your IT system, stealing and abusing your data, and vandalising your software … it’s not that difficult for an experienced criminal.

This is why our approach to security is a holistic system of protection, insurance, and recovery.


The nature of the problem is identified quickly by Fortify247’s security system, and the team will then investigate further to establish exactly what has happened, how it happened, and why it happened.


Data can be protected by regular and frequent backups. In the event of disaster – which could be the result of damage to hardware, human error, software failure, or malicious interference – recently saved data can be recovered from remote storage. Security software that detects inconsistencies in a system’s functioning will alert Fortify247 to potential problems.


With the means to detect slow function or inconsistent activity, Fortify247 can address a problem before it really becomes a problem. In many cases, we’ve detected and resolved an ‘event’ before the business owner or any employee has become aware of it. The cyber security technology we use is highly sophisticated, and it takes only a minor variation from normal function to alert the team.


Once the exact nature of the event has been identified, the Fortify247 team will work hard to fix the problem. If there’s been damage to hardware, or if software has collapsed, then repairs can be carried out. If there’s been an attack, such as an invasion of ransomware or a harmful virus, our efforts are put into damage mitigation.


Having sorted out the problem and recovered data, we’ll evaluate the security system in that business. By reviewing the event, we can perhaps adjust security levels, or maybe identify an area of staff training that requires attention. There might be a need for updated hardware, or for a new policy on the use of employees’ private devices. From protection to recovery, business continuity is what Fortify247 is all about.


We Serve a Variety of Businesses & Industries

If you use information technology, then you have data and equipment to protect. From the smallest sole trader to the largest corporate giant, from a small charity to a local authority, a break in service is inconvenient and expensive. Fortify247 provides business continuity for everyone.

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