The world is currently revolving around social media. From children to the elderly, everyone is an active user of some type of social media. Therefore, millions of brands find it the best place to advertise and showcase their products. Moreover, social media is the major source for following countless content creators.

Managing social media pages is not an easy job. It requires constant attention, hard work and immense planning. In a job where there is no room for mistakes, social media managers can find themselves burnt out and over-worked. However, Publer aims to make their lives easier. Publer has been created to solve the problem of handling multiple social media accounts with the help of automatic scheduling.

Publer is an excellent tool that provides superb features to assist social media managers. From post scheduling to detailed analytics,  Publer is an amazing partner to handle social media like a pro.

With Publer, you can schedule your posts for all the popular social media websites including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. It integrates the official APIs from these networks, so you can have a seamless experience.

Let’s say you handle some Instagram pages. Instead of manually posting pictures and videos for different pages, you can just use the Instagram post scheduler on Publer. It’s as easy as choosing your photo or video and selecting the time you want to make the post. Publer can also automatically watermark your content. You can also tag the posts with a location as well as schedule the first comment on the post.

Publer is not just a post scheduler though. It will also help you improve your social media reach with its intelligent features. Publer will suggest relevant hashtags for your posts, which can help increase your audience. You can also view real-time analytics for your posts. With the detailed analytics that Publer provides, you will be able to see what types of posts will help you grow your pages and what type of content your audience prefers. Moreover, there are plenty of other features in Publer that will help you take your social media accounts to new heights while saving you from exhaustion.

If you also want to make use of Publer to upgrade your social media, you can get started today with the following link: Publer is free to use, however, it also offers paid plans.

With the free plan, you can manage up to 5 social media accounts and schedule up to 50 posts. These limitations can be removed with their ARGENTUM (silver) plan that starts from $10 per month. This plan also includes other benefits such as bulk scheduling and automatic RSS posting. However, if you want to take things to the next level, you can get their AURUM (gold) plan, which starts from $20 per month. This gold plan includes premium features such as hashtag generator, content recommendations and Spintax support.

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