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Ubiquitous Computing

Mark Weiser, who coined the phrase ubiquitous computing, famously said that the best technology disappears from view.

The wonder and thrill of the vacuum cleaner, electric windows in cars, and electric lighting have morphed into nonchalant acceptance. We notice these forms of technology only when they’re absent:

Did you know that Mrs X doesn’t own a vacuum cleaner!

That car is so old, it doesn’t even have electric windows!

OMG! Power cut!

Ubiquitous computing – the natural embedding in the social psyche of computerisation and internet connection – features as a form of magic in mid-20th-century science fiction. But today, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a reality, tightly knit into the fabric of everyday life.

Some things, however, are more tightly knit than others. I mean, we might still be amazed and impressed at the concept of closing our curtains or turning down the heating from 500 miles away. But we don’t think twice about the Internet connection between a PC and a printer.

Lock the Back Door

When it comes to securing our IT systems, we sometimes forget the humble printer. Printers, copiers, and scanners are servers on our networks. In many cases, they have a hard drive, where digital copies of all data that’s scanned, copied, or printed is stored.

If a printer is accessible to you, via your network, then it’s wide open to a hacker who gains access to your network. If it’s accessible to the staff in your business premises, then it’s a sitting duck to a stranger in your premises.

So, when you’re thinking about cybersecurity in the workplace, don’t forget to protect your printer, scanner, and copier. Put in place the same security measures as for PCs. If you use multi-factor authentication or identity and access management, include your printers, scanners, and copiers in the system.

And when you’re thinking about cybersecurity, never underestimate the importance of user training.

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