Most Powerful Cyber Security Tools

Cybersecurity is a hot topic in the 21st century. It requires best practices to counter the threats to which we are exposed. These attacks result in serious consequences to the organization, including financial loss, copyright infringement, loss of business, and customer data. IT security tools are a great way to deal with such cyber threats.

Most Powerful Cyber Security Tools:

Following are the most popular cybersecurity tools as follows:

1.     Wireshark

Wireshark is one of the cybersecurity tools that offer detailed information about the activities performed on the network. It can decrypt many protocols. It also enables us to export the output in CSV, XML, PostScript or plain text format.

It is the world’s leading network traffic analyzer and an important tool for any security administrator. There is no fee any involved as it is entirely free to download. It enables us to analyze network traffic in the real-time and best tool for troubleshooting major issues on the network.

2.      Malwarebytes

This computer security software provides cybersecurity solutions to an individual as well as businesses. Protection is offered against most common threats such as malware, malicious websites, ransomware, etc. Also, it offers protection against online threats that are normally not detected by the antivirus.

A variety of products are offered to businesses, such as incident response, endpoint security, etc. these IT security tools are designed for Finance, Education and Healthcare industries.

3.      SolarWinds Security Event Manager

Solarwinds security event manager is a network and host intrusion detection system that offers real-time monitoring, responding, and reporting cybersecurity threats.  It creates detailed logs and offers an indexed log search feature.

This tool is a cloud-based solution developed as an all in one solution of the SIEM tool. It allows you to monitor your network quickly using the more than 700 event correlation rules. Also, you can perform actionable intelligence covering network security, operation issues and compliance to reduce the troubleshooting time.

4.      Netstumbler

This cybersecurity tool is designed for systems running on Windows-based operating system, and it is free. It evaluates open ports on a network and uses them for wardriving purposes. Netstumbler was originally developed for Windows system only; therefore, it has no provision of source codes.

The WAP-seeking approach is followed by this tool when searching for open ports. It is among the most popular tool for network defence. Its ability to identify network vulnerabilities that are not present in other cybersecurity tools increases its popularity.    

5.      KisMAC

KisMAC is designed for MAC operating system for wireless network security. It comes up with many features that help cybersecurity professionals. It may not be user-friendly for newbies compared to other computer security software used for similar roles.

It scans wireless network on supported Wi-Fi cards passively, including Airport, Airport Extreme and other third-party cards. KisMAC uses various techniques such as exploiting flaws and brute force like weak scheduling and wrong generation of security keys. If the keys are not secure, then the network will be vulnerable to attacks.


Cybersecurity tools are designed to counter cyber threats and threats have to be evaluated by professionals. These powerful cybersecurity tools need to be implemented to mitigate all the internal and external cyber threats.

It requires proper planning and investment, but it is surely beneficial in the long run for businesses and individuals.

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