Do You Really Need IT Management Support?

What is Management Support?

When your IT system is chugging along nicely in the background of your business, and nothing’s going wrong, the notion of taking out a management support contract might seem crazy. You’re not having any problems, so the money you’d be paying a management support provider (MSP) would be wasted. Right?

Wrong. IT management support is a maintenance service and insurance policy rolled into one. Unlike other types of insurance policy, what you get from an MSP is not only a gamble on the likelihood of an adverse event, but also an ongoing maintenance service that makes an adverse event much less likely to occur.

What could go wrong?

A few potential mishaps:

  1. An employee opens a legitimate-looking email that is actually a phishing email.
  2. A ransomware attack has locked up your company’s data.
  3. One of the hard drives in your server is going bad, causing your server to go down repeatedly.
  4. Backups have been lost because of a software issue.
  5. A laptop was dropped. Another had a cup of coffee spilt on it.
  6. Connectivity between devices is interrupted.

If you have an MSP:

  1. Staff training reduces the likelihood of this happening in the first place.
  2. Anti-malware is installed, making this unlikely to happen.
  3. Hardware is monitored on a regular basis and updated when necessary.
  4. Frequent and regular backups are taken and safely stored in the cloud.
  5. An engineer is on call and will carry out remedial work.
  6. Internet connectivity is monitored, and every device is protected from cyberattack. 

Inhouse IT staff?

Cybersecurity is a specialist trade, and it takes a person with great skill and experience to operate competently in this vast field of expertise. If you can find the perfect staff member, that’s great. If they’re that good, though, they’ll be head hunted, and before you know it you’ll be searching the employment market again for their equal. When Superman/woman is on annual leave, or off sick, or on paternity/maternity leave, there’ll be a cavernous hole in your team … unless, of course, you employ two IT experts. This would be a very expensive option.


Fortify247 has the infrastructure and staff to ensure top-level operation of your IT system and robust security of your data. We’ll protect your business not only from the huge expense of fixing data breaches, but also from the knock-on costs of lost revenue and damage to your brand’s reputation. Prevention is our first port of call, but we’re also very good at disaster recovery. To talk to us about managed services, phone 01263805012 or email [email protected].

Article produced for and on behalf of Fortify247 Ltd by Hazel @ Folio Copywriting

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