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Additional staff? Or managed services?

As your business picks up momentum, every department will grow to accommodate increased sales and productivity. Staff numbers will increase, additional equipment will be purchased, and your premises might well be extended or moved. Whatever your line of business, it’s very likely that your IT department will need to grow in order to handle increased activity.

Employ the perfect IT manager

You could employ an IT expert. It will take you a while to find the right one – an individual who knows about every aspect of IT support, hardware maintenance, and remedial procedure, as well as cyber protection. If you’re lucky enough to find such a person, they won’t come cheap. I suppose you could get two or three new IT staff to cover all bases, but then you might have to re-mortgage your super new premises.

But let’s look on the bright side and say you’ve found, and employed, this god-like creature who can oversee your IT department, keep it protected, and fix any problems. (They could probably ride a unicycle, too, but that’s not really a must-have talent.) Admittedly, your wage bill’s going to be huge, and you’ll have a few extra costs, like contributions to your new employee’s workplace pension scheme, holiday pay, and the occasional sick pay (which comes hand-in-hand with costs of cover).

It will take your new employee a bit of time to get a feel for the ropes in their new role, and to become familiar with your business. During their time working for you, they’ll learn even more and gain a lot of experience. Being an ambitious type, your angel will probably spread its wings and fly away within a few years, and you’ll be back to looking for another perfect IT manager.

Engage a Managed Services Provider

The other option is to use a Managed Services Provider. Fortify247’s Housecall Service provides, as standard: full malware protection; regular spyware and anti-virus health checks; and regular checks to ensure that the latest software updates are applied to your system. Our monthly fee covers the cost of maintaining and securing your devices, as well as remote support, telephone support, and remedial services.

What you get with Fortify247’s Housecall is a comprehensive scope of expertise. Through our 30-plus years of experience in the IT industry, we carry a lot of knowledge, and we’re continually updating that knowledge by keeping abreast of developments and trends in the world of technology. We’ll liaise with your own IT staff to maximise efficiency, and with the fixed tariff, your costs are predictable – and a lot lower than a full-time salary.

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Article produced for and on behalf of Fortify247 Ltd by Hazel @ Folio Copywriting

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