I Want to Buy a PC – But Which One?

Looking to buy a PC?

Personal computers come in various forms. Some are small enough to tuck into a handbag, and others are designed to stay pretty much in situ. Whatever their differences, all PCs share certain qualities: they’re multi-purpose; relatively small and inexpensive; and they’re designed for a single user.

So: what should you get?

Perhaps you’ve set your sights on a tiny tablet or subnotebook, which, incredibly, can weigh as little as one kilogram. Or maybe you’re looking for a clamshell-design laptop (also known as a notebook), which has a full qwerty keyboard and can be closed for safe storage and transportation. A desktop computer – the daddy-bear of PCs – comprises a case (also known as a tower or chassis), a monitor, and a keyboard; just right for an office.

What do you need? And how do you know what you need?

There are thousands of PCs available – all with different features and benefits. Common sense tells you there’s no point in buying a machine that’s packed with features you don’t need – in fact, superfluous features can actually become an annoyance – but, on the other hand, you want to make sure your new computer provides all the functions you’ll need.

At PCSimple, we’ll help you to find out exactly what you need your computer to do. With our knowledge of the market, we can offer information and advice, and we’ll suggest a range of different models that fit your requirements.

We have access to every supplier of hardware and software in the UK, and because we belong to a large buying group, we get the benefit of reduced prices. These savings are passed on to you – the customer.

What about second-hand computers?

Budget plays an important part in choosing the right PC for you. A certain model might meet your needs exactly. But that’s no use at all if the computer is just too expensive.

Don’t despair! A refurbished machine is an excellent option. We’ve sold lots of second-hand computers over the years, and our customers have always been very happy with them.

When we refurbish a second-hand computer, we give it the works: a complete make-over. Besides ensuring that the working parts are cleaned, repaired, and thoroughly proofed, we’ll also pay attention to cosmetics, so your refurbished PC feels like a brand-new machine. Every second-hand computer that we provide is covered by a six-month guarantee.

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