Whether a computer slows down occasionally or more frequently, it’s pretty much a frustrating and inconvenient situation for the user. It is an inevitable situation, and every computer user faces a slow speed even if they are pretty diligent with the machine.

Thankfully, there are multiple tips and tricks which experts recommend to boost up the speed of a computer. These tricks can optimize your computer’s speed and ensure you an optimized performance for a long time.

So, if you are trying to ask yourself why my computer is so slow? You have got the right piece of content. Here, we have quoted some of our suggestions, and it would take just a few minutes to speed up the computer.

How To Speed Up Your Computer

Want to improve computer performance? The following suggestions would help you to boost CPU performance:

1. Check For Malware And Viruses

Before you take any step, it is far better to check for malware and viruses as a computer may pick any virus or malware while working. One of the best ways is to run Windows Defender. It can catch all the viruses or other malware causing significant issues.

Try to use efficient software which can find all the issues efficiently and can remove them speedily. But, make sure that software does not take much space in your computer.

2. Limit Programs At Start-Up

It is essential to find all the applications which run as your computer boot up. As many times, because of these applications, the computer fails to shut down entirely and, as a result, slows down.

You can quickly get to know about those applications from the Task Manager and then shut them down. Try to shut down all those programs running in the background and are no longer in use.

3. Add RAM

RAM has a significant impact on the computer’s speed. Increasing the RAM power to speed up the computer is a great idea. Remember that it is an easy and cheaper option to upgrade the RAM. It can efficiently increase the speed of a computer to use your system, just like a pro.

If you face any difficulty/issue, you can also consult with professional computer repair Norfolk in this regard. Getting professional computer support, Norfolk is beneficial because experts can tackle the issues easily.

4. Uninstall Unnecessary Software

Many times, users install multiple unnecessary apps, which ultimately makes your computer slow. Thus, to optimize its speed once again, removing all the unrequired software, apps, or files is far better. It would free up a lot of space, and thus your computer will start working speedily.


A slow computer always takes time to load the applications, and its performance becomes pathetic. And nothing could be more breathtaking than this worst situation if your meeting is approaching.

But, no need to get panic. Fortunately, there are some of the best ways to optimize your system’s speed and start working efficiently once again. A few of these methods have been described in this article. You can choose any one of them to enjoy the efficient performance and overall better working experience of your computer.

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