Cyber-attacks have been so common in today’s IT world, and these cyber attacks are preventable at the same time. There are a lot of factors involved as to why our security is compromised. Prevention is of utmost importance, and these actions help the organization to avoid any big losses.

Implementation of timely actions and policies plays an important part. Here are the eight common ways to prevent cyber attacks.

How to Prevent Cyber Attacks

The following are the most active ways to prevent cyber-attacks and practiced widely by IT Professionals.

1.     Fully Update Your System and Software

It is very important to get your system and software updated. The update covers all the loopholes which were existed previously. Hackers may know these loopholes as well, and if you do not perform the same, you are at a higher risk of a cybersecurity threat.

Software and system updates contain files or patches required to prevent the which didn’t exist before. We always look for these updates time by time. It may slow down the other task since it may require a re-installation of the program, but it should be avoided.

2.      Training and Development

We often see that business owners do not give importance to cyber-attacks and reluctant to spend money on the training and development of their staff. We can prevent external attacks if we train our employees to protect against cyberattacks by giving them basic training. Trainers should be hired those who are aware of the latest prevention knowledge from cyber attacks. 

Training should be involved from top to bottom in the organization against these cyber attacks. It may require time and cost factor, but it is highly recommended to train the staffs. Training should be attended by every staff so that we can fight against modern cyber-attacks.

3.      Install Anti-Virus

Anti-virus is the most common and basic way of preventing cyber attacks. Anti-virus software scans the system and deletes the potential threat. Also, they provide a firewall that stops the hacker from gaining access to the system.

There is plenty of anti-viruses available in the market, and some of them are free as well. It should be installed in each system so that we can prevent from virus entering our systems.

4.      Data Backup Management

Data is the most important thing for any business or individual. Hence, it is advisable to follow proper data management to have the data backed up. It will save the businesses in so many ways if the data is properly backed up and prevent losses.

Data management is a complex task, and it requires professionals to secure the data. It requires highly efficient hardware containing RAID-based technology hard drives to secure and back up the data.

5.      Secure Wi-Fi Network

Wi-Fi brings serious threats to the entire network. So many devices can be connected to the same network. We never know which user has a serious virus in his/her device. Access should be given to known devices only.

Secure the Wi-Fi by implementing a strong policy and restrict the user from non-business activities. This mode of connectivity is popular and used everywhere nowadays. It leaves so many loopholes at the same time, so it must be well secured.


Cyber attacks are so common because we are more exposed to external threats nowadays. But if you know how to protect against cyber-attacks and you will only know when there are preventions. We all are equally responsible and can play our part against preventing cyber attacks.

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