How To Avoid Email Hacks In Businesses

Undoubtedly, the email hacks in businesses seem to happen just like the common cold and can destroy legitimate business interests. That’s why to protect the company’s finance, reputation, and privacy. It is pretty essential to avoid these security attacks in the long run.

The figures show that more than $26 billion have been stolen from different businesses via emails. So, knowing how the criminals break into email accounts to prevent email hacking becomes pretty much essential in this scenario. So, continue your reading to find the best way to keep yourself safe!

email hacks in businesses
email hacks in businesses

How Does Email Get Hacked

Most of the time, emails are hacked through different phishing techniques. Well, it is a straightforward and affordable technique. The hackers always target the weakest link in any security system.

In addition, MITM (man in the middle attack) and password guessing are also one of the most common ways to attack. Clear text is one of the most apparent signs which lets you know that this email is vulnerable to MITM. And do not try to share your crucial information through emails, as hackers can guess your password and can use this to threaten you.

Can You Get Hacked By Replying To An Email

It is a fact that just hitting “reply” and sending an email would never get you hacked by itself. But, it could be a way for hackers and then can attack your business. Remember that all the suspicious emails come in two different ways, i.e., phishing emails and reconnaissance emails.

Replying to this type of email can let viruses enter your computer. Therefore, never reply to such types of emails and attachments. Such emails allow the attacker to hack your business.

How To Prevent Email Hacking

Follow these steps to take in case if your email is hacked:

  1. Change all of your credentials, including the username, password, security questions, and turn on the two-step verification.
  2. Inform all of your colleagues, family members and friends that your email has been hacked
  3. Hackers may get into your email account but never let them do so. Check your settings and scan for trouble.
  4. Take some crucial steps to keep your email safe in future. For this purpose, update your email account and also add security software.
  5. Run an end-to-end antivirus program. It is the best way to eliminate malware. It can altogether remove all the unwanted applications.
  6. Change the passwords and always try to choose strong passwords. And always make sure that your new password is entirely different from your old password.
  7. Never forget to report the hacker so that other people can get to know about him.
  8. Create a new email account and look for the services that can offer you an end to end default encryption of your emails.


Security is quite essential as email hackers can seriously damage your site and affect your popularity. Therefore, it is essential to take some precautionary measures before becoming a part of this chain.

Some of the best ways to prevent email hacking are described here. Hopefully, all of them would work for you.

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