Help us to help you

An opportunity to earn repeat income

We are always looking for new contract customers that would like the peace of mind that only one of our computer, security and maintenance contracts, can provide.

Help us by introducing a new customer and we will help you in turn by paying you 10% of the monthly contract value for every month they remain a customer, plus, every sixth month we will add another 40% so you will get a full 50% for that month.  The longer they stay with us, the longer you get paid.

Doesn’t matter whether it is a consumer or a business contract, however, businesses generally pay for more services, the more you refer, the more you earn; and remember, you continue to get paid all the while they remain a customer.

An example of what you could earn;

Monthly Contract ValueMonth1Month2Month3Month4Month5Month6Month7Month8Month9Month10Month11Month12Total for 1 year

To be eligible for this fantastic opportunity to earn repeat income, just for introducing someone, you must agree to only refer people or organisations you have actually spoken with and they must have given permission for us to contact them.

Details of our services for business’ can be found here:

And for members of the public, here;

To register interest for this revenue earning scheme, just email [email protected]

Leaflets and other promotional materials can be made available.