Ergonomic Keyboards – All You Need to Know in 2021

Are you facing chronic pain due to the unnatural position of your wrists and hands at the regular keyboard? Well, it is time; to save yourself from discomfort by replacing your standard keyboard with a suitable ergonomic keyboard!!

An Ergonomic keyboard is different from a Regular keyboard:

The ergo keyboards are specially designed to reduce the risk of injury while you work. These are available in variable designs (single-piece, two-piece) depending upon the model.

Is an Ergonomic keyboard helpful?

This keyboard will not help you if you already have long-term typing pain. In that case, you must talk to a doctor rather than purchasing an ergo keyboard.

If you are experienced with a standard keyboard, using this one will reduce your productivity initially. Before buying an ergo keyboard, always try out its design first. If your wrists are comfortable, then it will be a good purchase for you.

Benefits of using an Ergonomic keyboard:

1. Reduced stress at workplace:

The split design of an ergo keyboard allows proper hand spacing and flow in typing. It is a good option for workers complaining of hurting hands due to mouse and regular keyboards. It helps to maintain a peak focus and productivity at the workplace.

2. Prevents typing injuries:

Repeating the unnatural movements using a standard keyboard causes Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). It demands medical attention to heal. If ignored, it may lead to long-term periods of pain. Ergo keyboards prevent wrist pain issues from occurring.

3. Improved comfort:

These keyboards allow your hands, arms, and shoulders to rest in a natural position. An ergonomic keyboard gives improved comfort by removing the awkward angles to reach the keys for typing. The split ergo keyboard offers more comfort among three types (contoured, split, and angled).

4. Boosts productivity:

It does not cause fatigue or strain that allows a more focus on projects. Hence, it enhances your abilities to work and gives improved productivity.

5. Best for heavy use:

Ergonomic keyboards promote proper posture allowing wrist support and comfort. It is a choice for people who spend extended periods on a computer like programmers, gamers, and software engineers.

6. Saves cost and energy:

These keyboards have made using high-quality material; there is less chance of the button malfunctioning. These are reliable and eliminate the poor typing positions. In return, it reduces your working hours and improves your performance without causing fatigue.

7. Less chance of health issues:

Regular keyboards cause pinching of the nerve in your wrist that can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This condition can cause numbness in your fingers or hand. Ergo keyboards reduce this risk by placing your forearms and wrists in a proper posture.

Limitations of using an Ergonomic keyboard:

  • It does not help users to recover from typing injuries.
  • It is not suitable for typists experienced with a regular keyboard.
  • It can also cause certain types of injuries.
  • It slows down the speed of users experienced with the regular keyboard.
  • It is an expensive solution. It has a range of designs and pricing.

6 Best Ergonomic keyboards for the year 2021:

  • Logitech Ergo K860
  • Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop
  • Logitech K350
  • Kinesis Freestyle2
  • Adesso Tru-Form 150
  • Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

Final Thoughts:

Switching to an ergonomic keyboard from a regular one can slow down your typing speed. After a week or two of slow going, you will get experienced with it, which restores working potential. You can also pair up an ergonomic keyboard with an ergonomic mouse.

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