Dolphins off the Starboard Bow!

Dolphins off the Starboard Bow!

a little ditty wot I now thought up!

(Verse 1)

In North Norfolk’s shimmering seas,

Where the waves play tricks, and the winds tease,

A sight so grand, made everyone “wow”,

“Bottlenose dolphins off the starboard bow!”


Flip, flop, watch them glide,

Dancing on the waves, side by side,

With a twirl and a spin, they take a bow,

Bottlenose dolphins, what a sight, and how!

(Verse 2)

Now Chris Taylor with drone in hand,

Captured the scene, and oh so grand!

High above, with a bird’s eye view,

Filming dolphins, as they swam and flew.


Flip, flop, in the sun’s gold ray,

Chris’s drone caught them, in their ocean ballet,

With a splash and a leap, and a camera’s “pow”,

Bottlenose dolphins, on film, take a bow!


The village buzzed, the news did spread,

“Have you seen the footage?” everyone said,

With a chuckle and cheer, and a jolly “wow”,

Chris and his drone, were the talk of the town!

(Verse 3)

So if you’re by Norfolk’s coast so fine,

Look out for dolphins, in the sun’s sunshine,

And remember the day, and the man with the know-how,

Chris Taylor’s film, of the dolphins’ bow!


So here’s to Chris, and his flying machine,

Capturing moments, so serene,

For thanks to him, we all can see now,

The joyous dolphins on the starboard bow!

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