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Fortify247’s HouseCall service is a multi-layer support system for homes and businesses, with emphasis on cybersecurity. Sign up for the Basic, Standard, or Premium package, depending on the level of support you require, and your IT system will be protected by high-end software and the technical expertise of Fortify247’s highly qualified team. Safeguarding your property is important; and data is a valuable asset.

Cybersecurity through Prevention

When it comes to security, protection is primarily about prevention, because prevention is always better than cure. To protect your home against burglary, you take measures to prevent unauthorised access by locking doors and windows. In order to protect your data from theft and abuse, every Fortify247 Housecall package includes full malware and spyware protection.

In addition to putting in place barriers against cyberattack, we also maintain the general well-being and efficiency of your system through pro-active measures. Routine checks ensure that the latest software updates are applied to your system, and regular organisation of your disk drive will prevent your computer from slowing down over time.

Rescue by Detection

Because we should never rely on prevention alone, the next level of protection is detection. When the burglar forces a lock or breaks a window, your burglar alarm makes one hell of a noise, alerting everybody to the intrusion. Following the same principle, any extraordinary activity in your IT system will trigger an alert, and the team at Fortify247 will be made aware of a potential problem.

One of our technicians will respond to the alert and identify the problem as quickly as possible. The problem might be a security issue – the intrusion of a piece of ransomware or virus – or it could be a system malfunction. Whatever the nature of the problem, early detection is key to damage control.

Business Continuation through Recovery

When the burglar breaks in through a broken window, and the alarm goes off, that’s not the end of the story. There must be recovery: the burglar is caught and punished; the broken window is repaired; stolen goods are returned; insurance is claimed; security measures are reviewed … Recovery is very much a human-led exercise.

Every now and then, a cybercriminal penetrates the security system, or a virus slips through the net. But computer software or hardware can just break down – unexpectedly and without warning. Whatever has occurred to interrupt the smooth running of your device, or to threaten the security of your data, expert recovery is an important part of Fortify247’s Housecall service. 

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