A New Era of Security

Fortify247 provides dedicated cyberspace security, using real-time information to ensure that your data systems are frequently backed up and protected from cyberattack. Tailored to the needs of each individual business, all of our robust and fully monitored security packages include backup and disaster recovery (BDR), cloud replication, user training, and a straightforward, all-inclusive fee, meaning that you have peace of mind and predictable costs.

Security Analysis

When we start working with you, we’ll conduct a security analysis on your business. We’ll look at the IT systems you have in place, and we’ll look at your business’s working environment.

Vulnerability Prevention

Through proactive management of servers, desktops, and mobile devices, Fortify247 protects small, medium, and large businesses from cybercrime and human error.

Security Audits

Fortify247 carries out regular security audits to measure the level of your IT security against a set of established criteria. We’ll make sure that the security you have in place is doing its job.


Security Solutions & Services

From spitefully spread viruses to organised spyware and ransomware, cybercrime is increasing. However, the most common cause for IT breakdown is user error.

Fortify247 provides a multi-level security package that’s not just about barriers. Our systems will detect, identify, and alert. Our technicians will respond, fix, and educate.


What We Offer

Through proactive security management, Fortify247 ensures that your data is protected from malicious attack and human error, and that your business is protected from the adverse effects of unplanned downtime.

Cyber Security

Fully monitored security packages, including backup and disaster recovery (BDR), tailored to your needs.

Security Awareness Training

Helping your team to understand the nature of cyberattack and the principles of protection.

Cyber-Security Risk Assesment

Evaluation of the data your business handles and the potential consequences of a cyberattack.


Our Approach to Security

At Fortify247, we believe that data – one of your business’s most valuable assets – should receive the same protection that’s given to material assets and resources.When it comes to breaking and entering into your IT system, stealing and abusing your data, and vandalising your software … it’s not that difficult for an experienced criminal.This is why our approach to security is a holistic system of protection, insurance, and recovery.